Melissa Harris-Perry and Sorority Racism
Biko Mandela Gray

Sorority racism is best exemplified by LA (and other metro areas around the country) progressivism. Progressives want to be seen as saviors of helpless people. It’s a form of patronizing self aggrandizement taking the persona of false compassion and false love. They like being seen as helping people who allegedly can’t help themselves. Homeless people and minorities are actually harmed in the guise of allegedly being helped. Mighty whitey paternalism is the true face of progressivism. There have been dozens, maybe even hundred of articles in magazines like Reason (Reason Foundation), The Freeman (The Foundation for Economic Education), etc who exposed the white paternalism inherent in progressivism, past and present. Classical Liberalism, Inidividualism, and Libertarianism have always opposed this and stood up for all individuals. It admires us (I’m black) as strong individuals. Instead of needing saviors, we need to be allowed to be ourselves, to survive and thrive by our own hands, to not be interfered with by meddling whites, to be respected as indiviudals, and to determine our own destiny. I call on all of us to read Libertarian books, subscribe to Libertarian magazines, to donate to Libertarian think tank, to join the Libertarian Party, to run as candidate for the Libertarian Party, to donate to Libertarian candidates, to volunteer for Libertarian candidates, to donate to the Libertarian Party and its affiliates, to discuss Libertarian philosophy amongst ourselves, and to contribute to a framework for utopia where Black Lives Matter. There are currently 14 candidate vying for the Libertarian Party nomination. Gary Johnson will probably be the nominee. We need to coalesce behind him and his party (and my party too also).

Politics 1 has a great issues page for various sites on the basis of ideological quadrant and specific political issues.

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