Yeah, that’s right, there’s currently a 70–10,000 ratio of male to female porn stars in Japan.
The Great Japanese Porn Dilemma
Deven Das Bussey

That’s 143 to 1. I rounded up a little bit, but does saying 142 to 1 make any difference.

Stats aside, does all porn have to be het/straight? Can’t Japan just produce more girls having solo time porn (masturbation without partners) and girl on girl porn (women having sex with women, even if most porn stars that do that either identify as straight or eschew sexual orientation rather than identify as homosexual/lesbian, bisexual, or pansexual)?

Deven Das Bussey . I didn’t want to write a rant, but a rant is coming. (No pun intended, but it is hillarious since I’m talking about porn and sex with my rant being about defending celibacy syndrome and herbivore men. The coming rant is about men not coming with real life 3D women and real life women not coming due to lack of men being interested in them, but not considering alternatives.)

Whether men are being actually celibate, masturbating, using 2D to the exclusion of 3D aka hentai, or helping each other out, women don’t own men as their right to have sexual partners. They have to peak the interest and desire in men just like is the case on the other way around. Women should consider the same options as in being actually celibate, masutrabating, using 2D to the exclusion of 3D aka hentai, or even helping each other out. People say men having involuntary celibacy is men’s fault, but when women have the same problem, people still blame men? That is the most absurd and unfair logic ever!

Here is how sex works. If a person wants sex, they need a supply of willing partners demanding to have sex with them. Lack of either means celibacy for them, even if it is involuntary. This formula usually means men not getting laid, but apparently now it’s a problem because women aren’t getting laid. Various solutions are offered a partners in the above sentence is usually limited to the opposite sex/gender, so:

  • Actual celibacy
  • Masturbation
  • 2D aka Hentai and other virtual partners
  • People of the same sex/gender helping each other out

Japanes women, you have options that aren’t Japanese men or foreigners. American men have to deal with herbivore women, but everyone accepts that, but Japanese women can’t accept herbivore men? Adapt to the new situation or perish sexually in involuntary celibacy.

Japanese porn industry, adapt or perish. I have watch lots and lots of JAV. I’m sick and tired of each and every JAV being het/straight with no solo time or girl on girl or guy on guy or futanari/newhalf or any deviation from the straight/het genre of porn that isn’t the case with hentai. Masturbation, yaoi, yuri, and futanari/newhalf are things I see in hentai, but not in JAV ever! Why is that? Get more girl on girl and that other stuff in JAV or perish due to lack of money coming in.

I see no dilemma in Japanese porn or Japanese society, because Japan isn’t looking at all its options. More girl on girl is needed, Japan! Are you listening? People want to see more Japanese female porn stars doing other Japanese female porn stars! You hear that, Japan? You listening? You going to get wise and take this sound economic advice? Do it for porn, sex, and Japan! I’m not going to have to rant each and every time I can until Japan takes my advice, but I will if I have to.

What is the hottest thing ever? No, it’s not a quasar or an infinite heat singularity, but girl on girl is the hottest thing ever. Notice it, Japan! Realize the facts that I’m speaking! Notice it also, Japanese women and stop pestering Japanese men for being herbivore men!

Japanese women, so you want sex but don’t have any Japanese men to do it with? Japanese women, get together and help each other out whether it’s one on one or even all girl orgies/group sex, but that’s your only solution! Realize this, because either this or celibacy are the only viable routes considering the situation. Also, making fun of herbivore men isn’t going to make them sleep with you, but rather the opposite. I’m angry and I’m abstaining out of spite and in solidarity with herbivore men.

If two or more Japanese women want sex, but have no men, then they have to help each other out obviously!

Japan, stop being baka and learn about all this essays has to say and follow through with the best advice ever as given here!

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