Trump, Modi, And The Fate Of The Two Biggest Democracies In The World
Arjun Raj

There are always third party options if you hate both two biggest parties.

Yes, I’m a third party voter! Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party have my vote this election.

Rather than worrying about either of the major parties or their nominees, Millennials should join a third party, the Libertarian Party, and vote for its nominee (not officially nominated yet but the front runner), Gary Johnson. I know lots of Libertarian leaning voters who vote for a major party because of the two party system which thrives on voters accommodating it rather than the other way around. Regardless of the outcome of voting, it’s our duty to vote for whomever we support most. If we all did that duty, the best outcome would be the result with Gary Johnson as our first Libertarian President.

I endorse all Libertarian Party candidates in all places on the ballot in this and all future elections.

On the Indian side, I’m only somewhat familiar with Indian politics despite all the stuff I have read. I have no opinion formed yet on it.

Forget what I said earlier, Aam Aadmi Party looks good from what I have heard of it. It’s not one of the two biggest parties and isn’t Commie. It’s actually good with anti-corruption and pro-LGBT stances which are rare in India.

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