Are You Against Gay Marriage Because: The Bible?
Scott Bateman

There are lots of religions and denominations within those religions in America as well as non religious people. The survey was taken just before the Supreme Court made it ruling to allow it across the country. I’m pansexual genderfluid genderqueer they pronoun user. I’m also a Soka Gakkai International Nichiren Mahayana Buddhist and Libertarian Party member who is also an Outright Libertarian who supports marriage equality and LGBT rights in general. Using a Bible based chart only really deals with Christians and Jews and their attitudes on LGBT issues. Judaism has been broken down into Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox in some charts from the data and one category of Judaism in others. Unitarian Universalists, Buddhists, Reform Jews, and the Unaffiliated have the highest rates from the survey. A surprising results is that excluding the no opinion groups in each category is that even LGBT affirming religions have individual rejects and even LGBT rejecting religions have individual affirmers. That goes both for regular stances and strong stance in each category. Protestants and Catholics are grouped by race and denomination in the case of Protestants. Protestants are also grouped into mainline, evangelical, and minority. I was raised Black Protestant (black church), but eventually started look for my own religion and shopped around till eventually settling on Buddhism while occasionally being Unitarian Universalist as well since the Unitarian Universalist Association does have a Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship.

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