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Other proof based models (excludes non-proof based ones)

Recent Bitcoin Cash versus Bitcoin events as well as Ethereum rising to try and take the position of number one in the Bitcoin chaos has gotten me to take interest in this topic again. Also, there was Dennis Rodman in North Korea with his whole crew in PotCoin shirts.

An Appeal for more info from people who have any of them

How do I set up and keep track of an account of crpytocurrency? How do I keep track of my spending and donations? How do I mine? How much and what equipment do I need to maximize my mining? What other tips do I need? What questions haven’t I asked on this topic? How do I earn sell and receive donations? How do I keep track of my address and account? Am I missing any questions? Which one should I focus on or should I diversify my interests? What businesses accept them? What non-profits accept them?

I’m a complete beginner despite being a casual reader and somewhat familiar with the concept.

Yeah, I never really actively considered getting any before, so despite knowing it existed I’m only now considering getting into this.