umair haque

umair haque. I love your article. You basically described the Mahayana Buddhist concept of Shunyata without directly mentioning it.

The Outline of Buddhism has a special section for Mahayana only concepts. It really helps show the difference between Mahayana (and Vajrayana as well) and Hinayana (Theravada) branches of Buddhism.

There are some Mahayana sutras that touch on this topic best.

I’m specifically a Nichiren Buddhist via SGI to be specific.

Back to Shunyata. Emptiness is the most often translation, but there are lots of other translations. Zeroness, nothingness, emptiness, voidness, hollowness, interdependence, transparency, openness, spaciousness, thusness, interbeing, etc are all translations I have seen from several translators. Everything press could work as a translation as well.

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