What are the foundations of morality? What is right? What is fair? What is proportional? What is free? What is logical? What is rational? What axioms should we live by?

What is duty? What is perfect duty? What is imperfect duty?

I’d like to say I’m against relativism, but am unsure whether absolutism or universalism is the exact definition of my stance.

Basically, there is no dichotomy to logic/rationality/reason and morality/righteousness. An action that is moral/righteous according to the above philosophy links will be logical/rational/reasonable. The caveat is that all illogical/irational/unreasonable actions are immoral/unrighteous, but it doesn’t go the other way as logical/rational/reasonable acts have to be limited to non-aggressive acts that respect the individual and natural liberty and rights of all individuals as well as be fair and proportional to be considered moral/righteous.

Holly Wood I have dissolved the age old head versus heart puzzle people always talk about, but is really a false dichotomy.

I know my article was link heavy, but that’s because I think links are part of my style and because they provide info. The meaning of life article was good too, but kind of out of place with the other links.

Now I have specified the section of the article I wanted in specific.

In summary, why do people buy the head versus heart myth? It’s because people aren’t moral and ethical philosophers, so don’t fully read up on the issues. I have provided various links on ethics and morality from a philosophical perspective.

Lots of particular issues in the last link to bring up in their own individual posts for each and every single debated issues. I may or may not write the series as I don’t know yet. I may just write once on all the issues or not at all, but I hope to devote enough time to one by one analysis of each and every issues like abortion, intellectual property, political alliances, violent revolution, LGBT rights, immigration, war, taxation, eminent domain, religion, or any other issues similar to the ones mentioned in the articles.

A shout out to my religious (Christian specifically) followers and readers, all of the above have been from a secular perspective or even anti-religious like the secular ethics and morality pages, but here are some links for you.

I just wanted to have specific links due to Christianity being such a big part of American culture. I’m American. Well, I do love Japanese culture, am an otaku, watch lots of anime, read lots of manga, listen to lots of JPOP JROCK Vocaloid, am curious about cosplay, and am a Buddhist (Soka Gakkai International to be specific).

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