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Where can I find the complete SPI for all countries? What will this year’s one say once the year is over? Where would a classical liberal center wing country fare versus a left wing progressive one and/or a right wing conservative one? What if the United Kingdom had a classical liberal like Nigel Farage rather than a conservative like David Camron?

The chart on the political parties in the United States page compares five parties on ten to a dozen issues.

There are third parties in America. The political spectra above are useful for categorizing them.

Morgana Visser I’m LGBT too (as per my bio with being genderfluid genderqueer pansexual). I am big on LGBT rights as the LGBT wing and party I linked above are. I’m also pro-choice, pro-marijuana legalization, pro-immigration, anti-death penalty, pro-IRV as voting reform, pro-peace/anti-war/non-interventionist, etc.

Those are some of the candidates running for the nomination to be President. They’re the top five, but I really should have just given the top three, but also wanted to give a chance to some of the smaller ones. They all have I Side With profiles.

This is the best option for marginalized individuals and groups of individuals. It’s basically a framework of utopia that smashes the clock of tyranny while establishing liberty and rights as the permanent things. I also highlight all the stuff I agreed with.

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