Will DeRay be the Future Mayor of Baltimore?
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Will the Black Lives Matter win a primary? We will see. Will I endorse him? Probably not. I currently have a policy of not endorsing major party candidates unless they go out of their way to prove their lower case l libertarian political ideology to me. I’m black and support Black Lives Matter, but ideology and party matter to politics too. I look forward to whenever a Libertarian Party candidate runs for mayor of Baltimore to receive my endorsement. I may consider endorsing the Green nominee if there isn’t a Libertarian one.

I endorse the Libertarians running for mayor, president of the city council, and comptroller. I also will look up any more Libertarians as need be.



Jurisdiction Baltimore City

Status Seeking the Nomination —

Filed Party Designated — 02/03/2016

Contact Information

1517 S Charles Street


I hope all citizens of the great city of Baltimore vote for Douglas McNeil!

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