You are correct, I have approached this subject from a limited view (for a reason) with a broad…
LynnMarie Lindl

Yes, they can be very absurd especially when Ann Coulter explicitly said she would love to live in a world where women couldn’t vote since women lean Democratic. She said that every Presidential election in recent years would have been won by a Republican with the exception of the 1964 defeat of Barry Goldwater. He lost by 20 percentage points to LBJ and no hypothetical voter change would have been big enough to sway that election. All groups across the board went Democrat.

Various of my favorite feminist authors are listed in the above link or the category to Individualist Feminism then subcategory Individualist Feminists. I have written several earlier posts/articles on Individualist Feminism back in my archive, but it back in there are I try to write on daily basis on a huge variety of topics. So, go to my stories and scroll down to find them.

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