Reason TV (Reason Magazine’s YouTube channel) uploaded a Soho Forum Debate on just this topic recently.

As a capital L Libertarian who is a card carrying Lifetime member, I will be voting for the actual Libertarian. It’s the TLDR version of the video, or the TLDW version as it’s watching not reading in this case. Don’t just vote, but donate to the candidate and party of your choice like the links provided above, then click the donate button to go to the donate page.

Both DNC and RNC along with their major party Presidential campaigns have both received alot of media attention in the previous weeks. This media attention is a money cycle. So, if you want media attention to Jo Jorgensen, Spike Cohen, and the Libertarian Party down ballot, especially before the end of the polling periond to get into the debates, donate to both the Jo Jorgensen and Libertarian Party sites.

Joining the Libertarian Party as a new member (or renewing as someone who never got a Life Membership in the party without a current active membership) helps too, but the important…

The last time I wrote an article/post was before the Libertarian Party nominated Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen back in May. Now I have enough info and link and videos to make an article on why all my readers and their family and friends and associates should all vote straight Libertarian this year.

The above ads (Goulash Films accounts the first three and a direct from the campaign video as the fourth) show why the issues of liberty, peace, and prosperity are central to this campaign. Neutrality/Peace, Healthcare, Government Spending, Environment, Social Security, Trade/Immigration, Criminal Justice…

On January 24, 2020, the Political Compass website updated their 2020 US Presidential Election chart and page.

All the Democrats who dropped out so far have been removed from the chart. Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer have been added.

The chart has 11 Democrats (every Democrat running minus Deval Patrick), 6 Republicans (Bob Corker, Larry Hogan, and John Kasich aren’t running, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are incumbents, while the only challenger on the chart is Bill Weld while Joe Walsh and Rocky De La Fuente aren’t on the chart), 1 Libertarian (Arvin Vohra as the dozen others aren’t listed)…

Note: I do not endorse the Baha’i Faith or it’s stances quoted below. Also, before some Baha’i apologist says the UHJ can just out of thin air change it’s mind, the UHJ can only alter and or abolish it’s own decisions, rules, regulations, as the ones by Bahallah, Abdal Baha, and Shoghi Effendi are entrenched and untochable by the UHJ.

“IMMORALITY of every sort is really forbidden by Baha’u’llah, and homosexual relationships He looks upon as such, besides being AGAINST NATURE…through the advice and help of doctors, through a strong and determined effort, and through prayer, a soul can overcome…

He’s my favorite Unitarian Universalist to read on the Internet. His musings are so thought provoking and rational.

I really like the Spiritual Orientation series. It’s super useful.

If you liked the above, I may do an article on Juan Cole later.

Back to Dale Husband, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Baha’i Faith, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Humanism, and Neutrality are the Spiritual Orientations covered…

America has a good third party, the Libertarian Party, but still has only two major parties. The Democratic Party and its debates haven’t been productive or conductive to advancing fairness and liberty in politics.

This leaves the Republican Party which has had no official debates and wants to lock people off the primary and caucus ballots. So for ballot access, $25k needs to be raised to Bill Weld’s ballot access fund for each of the 50 states, 6 territories, and Republicans abroad for a total of 57 organizations or $1.425 million in all.

For donations by mail, please send to:

Stephen Kent Gray

I'm an Individualist Libertarian otaku who is pansexual! My avatar is Tiara from the Fairy Fencer series. Profile intro set to be updated soon eventually!

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