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5 Tips To Become Limitless

“How many seconds does it take to win second? As many as it takes to win first — if you don’t use them properly.” — Jarod Kintz

Most of the people are so great at wasting their time that they don’t even realise how years pass by... It’s a paradox, but most of them also want to be successful. Of course success means different things to different personalities, but behind each of it stands a hard-work.


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Last year, when I read a book for the third time because I couldn't remember its contents, I decided to do something about it.

After experimenting many methods I found this single hack most working, still simple. It helped me to remember most parts of the books I read and only rarely look into them (to find specific details).

Want to know the hack? Here:

Make Notes As You Read.

Have a digital book? No problem. There are loads of applications to highlight and make notes.

Most of my books look like the picture below. As you see I am comfortable with “drawing” on books, as long as they are not dated with 17th century.

Otar Chekurishvili

Half-Geek, Half-Entrepreneur

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