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Those versed in the cryptocurrency industry have heard the term “stable coin” mentioned in one context or another. Most often it is in the form of a famous investor who is placing an asset (fiat or otherwise) to back a token. While some say this as a step back from the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, we don’t think so. In fact, we think that this is merge between the two formats is long overdue. Fiat currencies, along with gold and other items that we deem valuable are deeply integrated into our global economy. To assume that the entire world will simply leap from one form of transaction to another would be shortsighted. We encourage this type of currency marriage at OTCEED as we understand that fiat is still the predominant way ICOs fund their development and compensate their staff. In addition, we deeply believe that this is a large stride in the right direction as it mitigates the volatility commonly associated with crypto. In turn, this should encourage a broader adoption of both blockchain and the currencies on which it’s based. https://otceed.com/

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Global Exchange

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OTCEED is an institutional trading firm focused on providing two-way OTC transaction settlement for both private and institutional clients.

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