Race, love, hate, and me: A distinctly American story (AKA: Yes, I’m Black)
Shaun King

Thank you so very much for sharing this intimate personal piece, for opening up what you had to endure to simply be you. I will never know what its like to walk in your shoes. My sensitive and empathetic nature can but only imagine the trauma of your experiences, further exacerbated by having the nefarious challenge and distort your personal truths to conjure up a rational for their own hateful alt-agenda.

As my anger brewed through each paragraph, my eyes welled up. I could not finish this in one sitting….and that is because IT IS SO WELL written, so brutul, so damning and yet also so reality. Your inner strength is personally inspirational that it only reinforces in my heart the need for ALL OF US to speak truth to power.

Peace and love,


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