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When your teeth begin communicating, stop, and listen to their woes. The human body has various ways to tell us that something is amiss. Your oral space is no exception. The idea of getting to the dentist’s office is often unsettling for most people. However, there are times red flags will erupt signaling you to take action; in this case, the root canal. The root canal procedure cleans out decayed pulp, saving severely decayed or infected teeth. So, here’s what to look out for to determine if you need a root canal treatment.

Dark discoloration of teeth
A discolored tooth could be a result of consuming food and beverage that stain the enamel or poor hygiene. In some cases, it is caused by underlying nerve damage or severe tooth decay that exposes a dark color below the enamel. Teeth whitening techniques cannot solve this type of teeth darkening, and it warrants a tooth canal procedure.

Tooth sensitivity
Are you having trouble sipping on some cold soft drink or your favorite cup of hot coffee? Does it tag along with some sharp and tingling sensation? Sensitivity to heat or cold is a typical result of a damaged root and exposed nerves in the tooth’s structure. A root canal treatment may sort ought this sensitivity nuisance for you.

Pressure pain
Have you noticed dental pain when applying pressure or biting into food? You may also feel some pain in your teeth when laying down or jumping around. This is a clear indication of an infection within the tooth’s structure. Whether it’s tooth decay or a dental infection, you might be the right candidate for a root canal procedure if you record dental pain.

Swollen gums
Swelling on the gums doesn’t always necessarily mean that you need a root canal treatment. However, it indicates that something is wrong with probable infection involved. If your gums are inflamed, darker than usual and swollen you might want to check in with your dentist to see if you need root canals. Some people notice an unusual bump on the gum line that could indicate an infection underneath the tooth root. Check-in with your dentist for immediate remedy.

Cracked and chipped teeth
Cracked and chipped teeth can occur after putting pressure on your teeth, forcing the enamel to crack or break. It could be as a result of a fall, teeth grinding, biting on hard items or accidents. …

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If you live in the Miami area, like others around the country, want to know how you can get the best teeth cleaning at home. Removing plaque from your teeth is crucial to having good oral hygiene. It’s the plague left on teeth that wreaks havoc on them, leading to dental carries, or cavities, as well as gingivitis and a variety of other problems. It’s important that you take the most effective route to removing plaque from your teeth, and according to the research you may benefit from making the switch to an electric toothbrush.

Many people wonder which type of toothbrush does a better job removing plaque — an electric toothbrush, or a manual one. There have been a few studies over the years that have put the two to the test to measure just that. A recent study, which was published in the October 2018 issue of the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, reported the findings of their study that put the electric toothbrush to the test. …

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Millions of people get dental cavities, every year around the country. The Miami area is no different. Many people in the Miami area visit the best dentist offices and come out with the diagnoses that they have one or more cavities that need to be filled. Yet a good percentage of those people may try to put it off. They ignore the warning, put off getting the filling done, or they try to downplay that there is even a problem. None of these situations is going to lead to great results.

Those who prefer to put the filling off often choose to do so because they don’t feel there is a problem. Yet what they don’t realize is that a cavity begins long before you ever feel there is a problem. The enamel on the tooth is dissolved by acids, and when that happens it allows bacteria in. The cavities start small, but they can grow to become major problems. …

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