Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Having a Filling Done

Dr. Antonio Otero
Jan 7 · 2 min read

Millions of people get dental cavities, every year around the country. The Miami area is no different. Many people in the Miami area visit the best dentist offices and come out with the diagnoses that they have one or more cavities that need to be filled. Yet a good percentage of those people may try to put it off. They ignore the warning, put off getting the filling done, or they try to downplay that there is even a problem. None of these situations is going to lead to great results.

Those who prefer to put the filling off often choose to do so because they don’t feel there is a problem. Yet what they don’t realize is that a cavity begins long before you ever feel there is a problem. The enamel on the tooth is dissolved by acids, and when that happens it allows bacteria in. The cavities start small, but they can grow to become major problems.

There are some great reasons to address a cavity as soon as it is discovered, rather than put the filling off, including:

· A cavity merely gets worse with time. They start slowly and small, but they continue to get worse. Over time, you will lose more of the tooth, and if left unchecked for long enough you could lose the whole tooth.

· Having a cavity filled may have a fee involved, but those who are trying to save money by avoiding the procedure will likely spend more in the long run. When the cavity continues to get larger, there will most likely be more surfaces to fill, and it could get to a point where you instead need a crown and root canal. Getting a crown and root canal is going to cost more than it would have been to get the filling done.

· You could go on to have a lot of discomfort if you don’t get the filling taken care of early on. Cavities can damage nerves, pulp, and also cause an abscess. These situations can lead to more pain and bigger problems.

If your dentist finds a small cavity, don’t put off getting the filling done. You will only put yourself at risk for more pain, additional problems, and higher expenses. Addressing the cavity right away is the best way to preserve your tooth, save money, and avoid letting the problem grow.

At Otero Dental Centers we have helped countless Miami-Dade residents with their dental care needs. We strive to provide patients with the gentle care and attention they need. Contact us today to book your next appointment!

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