Top 5 sessions I’m most excited about at #LitmusLive 2017

With Litmus Live London only hours away, I’ve picked my top 5 talks that I’ll be bagsying a front row seat for.

1) Accessibility in Action: The Challenges and Opportunities of Implementation

Paul Airy, Beyond the Envelope

Author of “A Type of Email”, Paul has become an authority on using typography within emails. With accessability being a hot topic at the moment it will be great to see how Paul has tackled the issue. Needless to say, i’ll be ready to bring those best in class, accessible insights back to the workplace on Thursday.

2) Email as Art: Taking Email Design to the Next Level

Sam Beddoes, Action Rocket

Having seen the redesign of Action Rockets weekly newsletter with the use of CSS grid. I’m interested to hear how Sam and his team planned and implemented their sparkly new design. Email Design is at heart formulaic due to the dependancy on <table>’s. So, if theres any way to break the mould and elevate it to something more, then i’m all ears.

3) #EmailHacks

Kevin Mandeville, Litmus

A new feature for 2017! Kevin hosts a #emailhack session based on community submissions. I’m excited to see to what you other #emailgeeks are upto. The techniques you are using, the boundaries you are pushing. I’m expecting some super cool stuff, so don’t disappoint!

4) The Future of Images in Email

Mark Robbins, Rebel

This one is most definitely a must for any email dev/designer. Dubbed the “god father” of interactive emails, Mark’s knowledge of email code is second to none. So, if pushing the boundaries of email is your thing, then you’ll sure to walk away with plenty of those “ahhhh” moments from this one.

5) Using Prefilled Forms in Email

Cyrill Gross, Mayoris

In my experience forms have always been a bit of a taboo subject in email, It’s never been an option. That said i’m looking forward to Cyrill’s myth busting talk and how he’s implemented them in his emails. Knowing that there is actually a good use case for having them will certainly keep the Marketeers back in the office happy!

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