6 Steps to succeed your outbound marketing strategy

B2B Prospecting

“How can I start an email marketing B2B campaign from scratch?” “Where to begin?” “Is it efficient?”

I have met a lot of entrepreneurs who were lost when it came to starting a campaign of email marketing. I will share with you my learnings from different courses that I followed and from my missions in terms of outbound marketing.

Here are the steps to follow in order to succeed in your B2B prospecting:

1. Define ICP : Ideal Customer Profile

An ICP describes the ideal customer you should be targeting with your marketing and to whom you should offer your services and products.

Your ICP should focus on pertinent characteristics of your target accounts, such as:

  • Industry/vertical
  • Number of employees
  • Revenue
  • Web Trafic
  • Geography
  • Technology they use
  • Year of creation

Another method is to take your last 10 clients and search for common characteristics.

Example: If you are a company that targets a startup to sell your digital product, your ICP can be defined as a company that has between 10 to 50 employees with a minimum of 1 million in terms of turnover.

You also need to define your Buyer Persona (your ideal client or target audience) in order to personalize your message.

2. Create a database with ICP

Once you have defined your ICP, the next step is to find them on the internet . You can use different databases, here are some of my favorites:

  • Sirene : for french companies, ables to segment by sector of activity, size or geolocation (it’s free)
  • Prospectwith : contains also the email to contact for those companies
  • Nerdydata : Able to segment companies by technology. You can search for companies using Salesforce or that have been created by Shopify
  • Crunchbase
  • Linkedin

You can also create your database using the Buyer persona directly if you target a function on the companies like ‘head of finance’.

3. Segment and Score targeted companies

You should now have a huge list of companies that seems to correspond to your ICP. Which one to contact first ? How can I optimize the time of my sales team/ SDR to make cold mailing ?

You need now to segment and score the targeted companies in order to personalize and prioritize your marketing strategy.

A.Extract data from database like Prospectwith

B.Establish a scoring system in function of your ICP

Example : Your ICP is an e-commerce start up with high volume

You can define a score system from 0.1 to 1 for each category :

  • Score Organic trafic (ex : 1 for companies with more than 1M visitors)
  • Score Paid trafic (implies user engagement, 0.1 if low paid traffic)
  • Score Startup in function of the date of creation
  • Score Industry (ex : 0.25 for Media)
  • Score Number of employee

The final score is an average of all the subscores. In order to get a more precise score, you can use a tool like Asgard to track job offers that can provide important information.

C.Rank the companies in function of the final score

4. Find the right contact

Once the buyer persona is defined, you need to search this persona in your targeted companies. Prospectwith premium version able us to get directly the right contact by looking in your list using a filter for the job position.

Otherwise, many tools allow us to find the contact :

Thanks to tools like Integromat, you will be able to link your database of companies with the list of contacts.

Workflow built with Integromat and several APIs such as CaptainData and Dropcontact by Spendesk

For french speakers, here is an easy hack to find the url of a Linkedin profile, only from a company and a position.

5. E-mail marketing

Last step, import your database on your CRM or prospecting tool (lemlist, waalaxy, growthmachine) to begin prospecting.

You can combine cold phoning and cold mailing for the targeted companies (call high score companies and email others).

The prospecting email must be short, personalized and impactful with a maximum of 7 lines. I recommend breaking it down into 3 parts:

  • A catchphrase
  • The added value of your business
  • Call to action: demo request for example

Here an example of dynamics images/gifs used at Upflow (the words underlined in yellow are dynamic variables :

This portal mockup shows to Loom’s finance team how their customers, here Netflix (a real customer of Loom), could pay them in with Upflow

It is also important to think about personalizing the object of the email, which is often considered a trigger for opening the email. Don’t hesitate to try less conventional mail objects that have proven their worth. The ideal length of an email subject line is 40–50 characters.

6. Track results

Last but not least, each customer profile is unique. You need to test different mails in their form, their tone, their content, and the object in order to get the best results for your emailing campaigns.

Here are the KPIs to follow to optimize the performance of the mailing campaign:

  • Opening rate
  • Response rate
  • Spam reporting rate
  • Number of leads generated
  • Number of conversions
  • Conversion rate
  • Distribution of openings by time of day

Those KPI are provided by most of the CRM.


To conclude, Growth campaigns rely a lot on iteration for each step ( ICP, scoring, emailing..) and need automation to be effective. This article was meant to help a Growth “beginner”. In order to go further, you need to automate your database and identify the buyer intent to sharpen your emailing strategy. Moreover, email marketing is only one of the many channels of acquisition.

As it needs to end with a call to action here is mine : Here is my email (othmane.lam@gmail.com) you can contact me to discuss entrepreneurship and growth.

Documentation: I recently followed a course about Email Marketing on Hubspot academy (free) in order to better understand email marketing strategy that I advise you.

Who I am ?

I am Othmane, I am passionate about entrepreneurship and Growth. I have recently graduated from EM Lyon (PGE). My previous experiences on SEO in a start up in Kuala Lumpur, data analysis at Everoad and finally on paid acquisition at Papernest made me have a data driven vision of acquisition marketing. I have read many articles and followed various courses on outbound marketing to master the main acquisition channels. I have also worked as a freelancer to start from scratch an outbound strategy for an ecommerce website. I am Growth Manager at Skello.

Thank you to Bastien for the feedback !



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