My Most Recent Challenging Experience

It’s a cumbersome task picking from the most recent experience which is most challenging. Because it becomes so clear that every second’s challenge is worse than that of the previous. My most recent challenging moment was dealing with PHCN trying to meet a deadline to a project. I came back home from the andela bootcamp day one, after close to an hour transit from the bootcamp venue to meet a blackout in my area.

I had a 10pm deadline, but anyways I have to work with light. My generating set had been dead for more than a year, so I didn’t see any hope from that area. I worked with the battery life I had left until my laptop shut down. It was late to check into any café so I had to pass the night.

Very early in the morning I woke up to my work place. Just as I turn on my system, the light went off, and the generating set is also faulty. I had to head for an internet café leaving every work I had before me, getting there I was told to pay to use the premises. It was a good deal to me because I really needed the light to do my work and write this blog post. I can’t really say why we can’t have stable light in Nigeria. But it has set a lot of people backward.


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