Lies, lies, all Lies!

Forget all you read regard starting and growing a business, all facts are not the truth, not all truth are factual. Forget the Mumbo-jumbo associated with the ‘you-can-do-it’ speeches conjured by motivational speakers to incite a certain feeling of success on empty stomach or stories about successful businesses that made it to Forbes if you just obey these ‘10 steps’.

So many variation associated with one success, sometimes you begin to wonder if all these stories are real. Some are, not all.

Anyways, forget all that. Mr CEO /CoFounder, if you want to start a business anywhere, you will have to get your hands dirty, fold up those sleeves and work work work work work .

  • If your operation process is loose, your business will suffer, you will lose good money and talented team members.

  • If you don’t meet product launch deadlines every time, you will lose potential investors and good investments.

  • You can not build a great company with a lazy team. Pick your cofounders carefully, they will determine if your product makes it to the big apple or waste precious time.

  • Starting too many project at once isn’t healthy for the company especially in its first trimester, distraction is inevitable, product launch will be delay and you will fail.

FOCUS is key. Focus focus focus. Focus on one project and make it work (note to self). Few things I picked up running a start up in Manchester, will let you know if anything new pops up that needs sharing. Back to work.

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