Concept Plane

Imagine being able to go to Hong Kong on your lunch break and being able to make it back to work on time or even on the same day! A mode of transportation like that would revolutionize travel! That is what the “Concept Plane” is attempting to do. An article from AOL news described this idea – saying that it is a plane that could only take 10 people. This small plane would be able to take a person from New York to London in 12 minutes. It would travel more than 16 times the speed of sound. This project perfectly describes the culture of the United States. We want everything as fast as possible. How we get it is not important, as long we can get it quickly. Unfortunately, this diminishes the thrill and excitement of basically anything. If everything is at our fingertips – everything becomes commonplace. In Paul Tripp’s book, Sex and Money, he talks about how when sex is not used in the proper and sacred way, can become commonplace or becomes an obsession. “Sex cannot and will not satisfy your heart” (pg. 75). Sex, like the concept plane, though can provide instant gratification in some regards, does not fill the longing of belonging. However, if overused and not used in the right way, these things can become an obsession. Though these actions/objects are not innately bad in and of themselves – they can become evil when they are used inappropriately or for the wrong purpose.

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