The Daytime Drama Shark that GoT could have averted

Give their faces back to the Gods.

Like all stories that are forced to drag on beyond its limits [1], ‪#‎GameofThrones‬, too, leans more and more on fate, and consequently, metaphysics.

If GoT had mythological gods-as-characters, the increased need for supernatural agency wouldn’t look so force fed into the plot.

Got once had to kill the old characters to allow new characters, now it kills them to reintroduce them, and thus the daytime drama shark is jumped.

Want to bring characters from the dead with impunity? Make them gods. That’s how ancient story tellers dealt with character driven stories.

Want to add a new dimension to a story that deadlocked itself into the same characters and plot but has to drag on? Make those gods fight each other.

[1] And with GoT we have two discrete classes of limits all impending on the show, the first is the authorial limit imposed upon Artisans who are good at adapting an existing vision and style of an active Author; the second is the narrative limit of the story that involves the calculation and incorporation of the ever increasing bulk of the old on to the new; and the third: the material limit of pushing for more profit while you can still milk the show. The first two limits, of course are subservient to the third, no self-respecting writer would spend a good deal of his life parroting another writer unless money is involved.