Do not ask, or even hope: “what will this do for me? Will I make millions from this? Will this person complete me, incomplete and worthless being that I am?”. Ask instead what your beginning will do for life, for them, for all. How, how much, in which way, it will elevate, expand, and enrich it.
How to Start Amazing Things
umair haque

When you ask what your beginning will do for life in the end, for all, you are still hoping, expecting, setting a determination and thereby an ambition, in service of another reflecting and desiring ego, knowing what it possesses and needing its outcome. You have already set the same snare at a different path, a more noble path for sure, but a noble path you have invested in. So when you give you cannot be without expectation, the road was the result of an expectation, giving without expectation is the expectation. You have bestowed with a need of recognition in your own eyes, appreciation of yourself, reward for your own virtue. Ego is still there, not purified or simplified, but merely occupied with a new hope.

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