A bunch of big updates for Basecamp 3
Jason Fried


I hope you don’t mind a little (hopefully) constructive criticism.

While most the the UI is fairly easy to navigate, the design and style are not current, or modern, or in some cases not well thought through. I don’t mean any offense. Really!

Things (to me) that are missing or need improvement:

  1. Ability to turn off all cartoony description images, boxes and UI to have a professional looking option without color doodles etc (e.g. Asana)… In my experience, some of our clients don’t think your interface is professional looking and won’t use it. Perhaps you can be more generic or skinable so clients don’t see little smiley faces
  2. Drag and Drop between folders in Docs & Files. I’d like to be able to pull a single file out of a folder and drop it into another one. Can’t do which is an odd feature missing from here since you can already drag and drop in same level.
  3. The “card view” is not very useful in my opinion. I’d prefer a better sortable list.
  4. Under To Do’s if there’s a comment you place a document icon like it has an attachment. Then a comment bubble too. Then users. It’s crowded and I’m not sure those are the right icons or ways to present what you’re trying to convey.
  5. The HELP side bar is a button. Not a slide out. That is an improper UX. Add the button to the header.
  6. Schedule little box on the top should go to a calendar with list of events. Not a single page. Not useful without a calendar to see what else is going on.
  7. Automatic Checkins doesn’t belong on top level. Should be buried in Settings
  8. Images should have a lightbox option from the list views. I don’t want to open every image in a new page just to see it bigger. You have it on the Latest Activities “stream”…why not the docs & files pages?
  9. Message Boards and To-Do’s should be combined into one page or UX somehow. Clients use both for to-dos no matter how often you tell them.

OK, I guess that’s enough of a beating for now. :) No seriously, I only want to help and mean no offense whatsoever. We use your products for many clients. And Asana for more serious clients. Wish we could just use BC, but without a professional layout version, it’s hard.

Best wishes for continued success!


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