I’m in a desperate need of grace. I keep getting caught up in petty things, small situations, stupid traps. The good thing I wanna do I kinda do. Yet, the bad thing I wanna quit, I just keep on doing. That’s biblical, but still, ridiculous.

Why is it so hard to be faithful to God? We’re always constantly failing in some part, wether it’s intentional or not. I came to find out that every time I think I’m doing good, and strong and working around perfection, I screw up (pardon the word).

I’m gonna be honest. I’m currently on a journey where I’ve been trying to look at all committed sin as a high-priced bill. If we pay attention, Jesus died for us, because of the trouble of sin, and he paid the same price for all of our sins, we, sinners of the world. Miserable man I am. I tend to think good things about me. I look to the progress of what God has already done in me and sometimes I fall to the trap that says it’s done.

This is a hopeful declaration: The one who began the good work has not finished yet, but he will finish it.

That’s why I’m still a failure that struggles with some fases of weakness. But I trust the God who is at work right now within me. These failures and faults just reminded me how much I’m in even more desperate need of grace. I honestly thank God for grace.