Random talk

Learn how to random talk and how to talk serious, cuz in the end, everything matters.

Did you ever struggled to talk about something serious, divine or important? Have you ever had a friend with whom you just couldn’t talk serious? Well, I’ve never. I’m currently moving the opposite direction.

I have this friend who is my youth pastor and spiritual mentor. He is several times my professor in theology school and also a psychological guide. We’re constantly talking about God and theology subjects, church issues, ministry projects and psycho knowledge. We’ve never had any kind of trouble talking serious.

Lately though we’ve faced a phenomenon. We’ve spent a whole day together, and after making some evangelistic visits and talking about Bible and church manners, we saw our selves in some kind of limbo: shall I call it the desert of the real? We needed to be together in that particular moment waiting for a video to renderize. What we couldn’t expect was to be out of talking subjects before it ends. All of a sudden, we had to move from our deep, wise, serious conversations to some kind of random talk. And we had no idea of how to do that.

“It’s being a cold winter.” “That actress is a smoking beauty.” “What a strange crazy movie.”

And so it begins. It’s being now three weeks since and we’ve never spent more time together — either planning the saturday service, listening to the latest world christian music, going up in a mountain to pray or just driving and talking about girls and movies. Yes. Since we’ve learned how to random talk to each other we’ve found each other’s company much more amusing. We even talked about taking a road trip together any time soon — if it comes to past, you’ll surely be able to read about it.

There’s a reason why I’m talking about that though. In some philosophy lines, the saturday we spent together random talking and playing music sealed our friendship in a new level. This is not only about our personal and spiritual issues anymore. This is also about even more spheres of life than we could name. How powerful is it that after talking about the latest Planet of the Appes film we can actually get into a spiritual environment where we can pray and prophecy over each other’s life? I’ve never been in such place before. And I honestly hope we can keep moving forward, as we experience the fullness of our relationship with Jesus and with one another.

If I’m to say something, learn how to random talk and how to talk serious, cuz in the end, everything matters.