The good servant

About this year’s funniest night and leadership lessons.

I just had the funniest night of my year — truly the best time in years. There’s a long time since I’ve been to such thing. I get to hang with a new gang, new friends from the winter camp I wrote about last week. And allow me to say something about it: it was the best.

It’s incredible how people can connect to something you say or do. I’m honestly amazed. It’s interesting when you meet a gang is that the second time you see them they remember specific things about you — these things can be good or not.

People can easily recognize and remember a good or a bad example. Usually one single act can mean both. For instance, the way you laugh with them can either mean a good or a bad example. What will tell you witch it was is how people remember it in the second meeting.

I’d like to say I’m a good example all the time, but I honestly don’t know. We don’t ever get the chance to meet people for a second time in such short notice. But a wedding party can really do something about it.

Look at the picture above of these guys with their eyes wide open doing me. This is what they remembered.

I’ve come to learn one thing from Bethel Music’s artist Jeremy Riddle. Sheep recognize a good shepherd, as much as people recognize a good leader. It doesn’t matter what you can do, your various skills, your charisma and talents. What will define you as a good leader — and as a result, a good example — is your capability to serve people. Find a way to serve people in their needs and you’ll be a good leader.

If you find a way to serve them on their needs — comforting, encouragement, paying the bill once in a while, laughing at their jokes, correcting their failures by embracing their cause — they will follow you. Don’t try to get them to do things for you. Instead, do things for them. Serve them with a heart full of generosity and compassion and people will follow your lead, as the sheep follows the good shepherd.

We took the night to have some fun and I ended up with new friends who just joined the cause I’m trying to accomplish. Make a choice to be the good servant, and you’ll find yourself a followed leader.