The Name of Jesus

He called my name

Your name opens the gate
Your name opens the door
To the heart of the Father 
To the promise of heaven
To the life overflowing
To the peace everlasting
To the joy never ending

The name who silenced the boast of sin and grave

The name that begins the kingdom
The name that open heavens
The name that holds eternity
Your name, your name, your name
Your name is the door
Your name is the way 
Your name is the breath in my lungs

The song within my heart

This song rises from the depths of me 
Where all is Yours and no one sees 
It’s who i was: deeply lost, now I’m deeply found 
I’m deeply found, deeply found 
And fully loved and fully known 
You called to me 
You called my name before I even knew Yours

Before I knew Yours

What a beautiful name it is