Worship music history is being rewritten all over again

Why Hillsong’s “There is More” and Bethel’s “Moments: Mighty Sound” are exactly what we needed

Today Bethel Music released their most awaited and non-announced new live album. It’s a debut. Their first ever spontaneous based full length album. Bethel’s always being known as a worship collective that delivers deep spontaneous songs that blend perfectly to their unconventional powerful hymns. For the very first time, Bethel presents their spontaneous in the midst of congregational worship, making their best work yet (believe me, I heard them all). The album is impecable. The band is uncanny, the worship leaders presents their utmost best in average 9.50 minutes songs (Melissa Helser even sings in angelic tongues during “Catch the Wind”). The collection brings some of their greatest and newest songs like “Reckless Love” (maybe the most played song of 2017), “Pieces” and “Come to me”, brand new spontaneous anthems like “Mighty Sound” and “Like a flood” (a spontaneous piano worship song), and even the very special guest Reuben Morgan, leading spontaneous worship to Hillsong’s “Cornerstone”.

Taking the leap here, Hillsong’s brand new “There is More” album, released last April 6th is the best of their 26 albums yet. “There is More” proves it’s tittle that after all these years, Hillsong Worship team still there’s more to offer the church globally. For the very first time lead by Brooke Lighterwood (can’t say how much I love her gift), the album brings 11 new scripture-based-songs and a orchestral version for the incomparable “So Will I” — songs that will resonate for the next generation of believers. Songs like the beautiful “Valentine”, sung by Taya (let me get this right) Gaukrodger (marrital name for Taya Smith); the psalm-like “Be Still” with our fave Ben Fielding; the amazing “The Passion” (of our saviour) that Brooke leads like a lion; the poethic “New Wine”; and the speachless “Who you say I am”. This album is authentic, bold and prophetic.

I feel like worship music history around the globe is being rewritten by these two releases. The spiritual realm presented in these albums is something that we no longer see. Of course it’s not a brand new thing. Their previous albums, like “Let there be light” (Hillsong’s, 2016), “Starlight” (Bethel’s, 2017) and other releases paved the way to what we see today: the merging of the stewarded and the divine songs, colliding to give us a stronger connection into heaven’s main reallity — endless worship. Let the whole world see and follow it.