Worship Songs I can’t live without

The songs that narrow down my relationship with God, all from this very decade.

I could make a long list of worship songs I can’t live without. So, I decided to narrow it to a song per year in this very decade. Seven worship songs I can’t live without.

Why I can’t live without it?

I grew up in a worshipping environment. My parents were worship leaders at church and they constantly and daily expose me to the most various worship songs and movements. I grew up not only listening but learning about what is worship, and why does we make songs for church to sing.

In the year of 2004, I wrote my every first worship song. It was very simple, with only a few words and a couple of verses and a classic chorus, but still, it would give life and frame my feelings about God, as a ten-year-old boy. Over the years, I spent a lot of time crafting and working hard over this gift of music and lyrics, by studying music theory and poetry, and ultimately, the Bible. In the past nine years, though, I’ve being following closely the largest mega worship movements around the globe, and also the little local expressions of community worship. Devotional and corporate, hymns and anthems, Jesus-centered songs.

This list is all about the songs that have been framing my expression of worship to God. The fact that there are only two global movements in the list is just a coincidence. The truth is, I listen to more worship songs than I can count, but these ones are constantly in my playlist.

2011 — Rise, from Hillsong Worship

Assumedly, I’m a huge Joel Houston fan. The song Rise, from Hillsong’s album God is Able is one of the anthemic expressions of life that I took as personal as I could. Rise is all about displaying God’s glory over a world of darkness and sorrow. And this is all about doing it in a daily based reality, where you’re at.

2012 — Grace abounds, from Hillsong Worship

One of the forgotten songs from the album Cornerstone, Grace abounds is a later discovery, with simple verses, but powerful and strong declarations about the grace of God and the name of Jesus, which brings my heart to life through tough seasons and worship filled moments.

2013 — Heaven’s Song, from Bethel Music

Not the main song of the album, Heaven’s Song, by Jeremy Riddle, is all about what is going on in heaven and the effect of it in my own heart. It reminds me that my worship and wonder experiences towards Jesus is actually joining heaven’s eternal state of worship and wonder towards the same Jesus. A glorious God, a worthy man, a victorious king. Heaven’s Song is all about a day and night state of heart for worship.

2014 — This I Believe, from Hillsong Worship

The Apostle’s Creed has had a large influence over my faith and my way to believe in the story of Jesus, and all of it because of this song. The powerful declarations of believing in the name of Jesus and in the story of the gospel through its whole vision and whole purpose put on a song, just bursts me to a new level of worship. Thank God Matty Crocker and Ben Fielding had the guts to write such a difficult and powerful song. It translates my imperfect devotion to a perfect God.

2015 — Home, from Bethel Music

This intimate, simple and stunning song by Hunter Thompson has led me to a personal and devotional place of relationship to Jesus. Understanding that He came to earth and made himself a sacrifice on behalf of humanity because of God’s love has taken me to sing such a wide prayer: “Draw to me Jesus”. Ultimately, I can’t draw near to such a perfect and holy and eternal God. But He, because of his love and grace, can draw near to me, even when I’m running afar from Him. This song has taught me over the years to make my heart a home to a God that I don’t deserve.

2016 — Behold (Then Sings My Soul), from Hillsong Worship

Behold, by Joel Houston, puts together a powerful and solid theological knowledge about the trinity, going over the personal character and meaning of each one of them: the father, the son and the spirit. What is even more beautiful about the journey of Behold is that the song has taken me into places of rest, where I can stop everything that is going on in my life so I can look to the three-in-one God that I admire and serve, and fully comprehend his greatness. What is even more beautiful about this song, is that it takes hold on an ancient hymn to respond in worship what you just saw as you stopped to behold God. How great is His love.

2017 — Starlight, from Bethel Music

It seems too soon to put a song on the list from the current year, but I already know that Starlight is my favorite 2017 song — one I can’t live without. The greatest worship movements in the globe are taking its creative eyes to what the skies show about God (take for example Elevation Worship’s There is a Cloud album). Starlight is about the advent of Christ as awaited Emmanuel — the living presence of God among the whole creation. It’s all about the closeness that his love has given to me and Him. It’s all about understanding that His incomparable nature is only metaphorically comparable to His greatest and marvelous deeds. His constant grace and presence is absolutely indescribable, and this song just reminds me that, over and over.

So, this is it. Each and every of these songs has its pairs or even groups, but ultimately, I could narrow down my relationship with God around this ones. Maybe some other time I can talk about ancient hymns that I can’t live without (including “How great thou art” and “Amazing Grace”). For now, you should really listen to these wonderful songs. If you like it, tell all your friends about it.