ENRG Stack — GraphQL as a first class citizen

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A quick article. Well, more like Friday thoughts.

When Angular came out we had the MEAN stack standing for Mongo, Express, Angular and Node. Once React became widely adopted the A was swapped with an R for React making the MERN stack. MERN doesn’t really roll off the tongue easily and more importantly doesn’t represent my stack. Which caused me to think about the stack that I use, GraphQL, React, Node Express.

The Main difference is the inclusion of GraphQL which infact is a huge difference. You may have noticed in my stack I did not include a database. This is due to GraphQL and it’s resolvers making it simple to use different databases and return the merged results.

Therefore to properly represent GraphQL as a first class citizen, I propose we drop the M from MERN, replace it with G and rearrange the letter to give a name that more accurately represents the stack and the way developing with that stack feels. The ENRG Stack

I’m Otis Virginie, A Full Stack (React, Redux, Node, GraphQL) JavaScript Developer. Or should I say ENRG Developer :)

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