Hi everyone

We announce that we have release OTOCASH Core Version v1.1.3.

This release is a critical updates. This update includes QT Malay Language locale, increasing a reward to 0.25 OTO/Block and reducing fee to 0.000001 OTO.

If you have used the previous version of the wallet, you need to re-download/re-sync to use this wallet version. This process will only take one hour to 2 hours.

This release is not need to swap/rollback/new address or transfer to new chain also not a “vout” parameter changing. That meaning you can use old wallet.dat without any issue.

All OTOCASH official explorers will use v1.1.3

You can download the OTOCASH wallet here https://www.otocash.io/wallet/ or directly from GitHub https://github.com/otocash/OTOCASH/releases/tag/v1.1.3.



Hi all OTO holders and traders,

On behalf of OTOCASH Team, I apologized that recently we have been less active on social media, Twitter and Telegram.

We did not forget or abandoned all of you. We are working for the next step of OTOCASH development.

On August 10 2020 we will release OTOCASH wallet version V.1.1.2. The new QT wallet will have the function of Malay Language and most importantly we increase the reward to 0.25 OTO per block.

In addition, we are still in the process of developing a payment system platform but there is a delay in launching because we still need to make some development on the source code as included in our whitepaper.

Be reminded, that your interest is our priority.

Please contact us by email contact@otocash.io if you have any concerns.

Thank you.

Notify regarding wallet update

Hi All, Thank You for all of your support.

I’m wrote here to notify that we will release OTOCASH wallet Version 1.0.1 on 10 Sep, 2019, which we call cosmetic updates. This update includes logo updates and descriptions in README, without touching the critical parts of the code.

For Exchange, you can keep the current version (v1.0.0) on your platform as this update is not critical and only cosmetic.

Khairul Anuar

Hi all OTO holders and crypto lovers,

On behalf of OTOCASH Team, we apologized that recently we have been less active on social media, Twitter and Telegram.

We did not forget and ignore you all. We are working for the next step of OTOCASH development. In the near future, we will be updating and upgrading the official website, whitepaper and wallet. This will be done to make it more attractive and professional.

In addition, we are still in the process of developing a payment system platform with an appointed contractor and it is likely to be launched in December 2019…

We announce that we have made a request to InstantBitex Exchange and Raisex Exchange for delisting OTOCASH from the platform.

This action is for the following reasons:

  1. 1. Still listing the OTO Token which we have announced switched to OTO Coin (Scrypt-PoS Crypto Coin).
  2. Non active market. We are certain that no user has purchased tokens from both of these Platform.
  3. There is only a Token from scammer address on the InstantBitex platform.
  4. There are complaints about the difficult and non-transparent KYC process on Raisex.

Reminds you not to trade OTOCASH on both Platforms. If you still have a valid…

We are glad to inform that $OTO has been listed on @Crex_24 with OTO/BTC pair. You can trade $ OTO with this link https://crex24.com/exchange/OTO-BTC



OTOCASH (OTO) is Scrypt-PoS Cryptocurrency.

Further Development Overview

Development of web wallet.
Development of mobile wallet with ZERO Fee facility between user.
Development of crypto payment website.
Development of OTOCASH payment system website.

Coin Details

Coin Name : OTOCASH Coin Symbol : OTO Decimal : 8 Genesis Date : March 01,2018 Algorithm : Scrypt-PoS Wallet Version : v1.0.0 Supply Type : Mineable By Staking Block Reward : 0.0001 OTO Average Blocktime : 140 Seconds Spend Confirmation : 1/10 Premine : 38254582 OTO Coin Sold : 30754582 OTO Company Reserve : 5000000 OTO Company Members : 2500000 OTO Circulation Supply …

Please be informed that we have received Swap OTO Coin application from 87% Investor at ICO and 96% OTO holders with OTO in the market. All swap transactions will be settled on or before May 30, 2019.

All Tokens are guaranteed SWAPPED 1:1 to OTOCASH COIN except tokens in or derived from this wallet addresses 1.1DFrm9QS7Cbo15FaDwyTojBsYT8jX1TKep 2.1Px3zorjicUMVkv9jDde4VCMCgYdKbkJnu

as it has been reported as a scammer. To the coin listing organization or exchange who wish to obtain full report regarding the above addresses may contact us by email at contact@otocash.io. However, anyone who has purchased OTO Token from the above wallet addresses on any exchange on or before May 15, 2019 will be fully swapped to OTO coin with the KYC required.


Announced that the OTOCASH Market reopened with OTOCASH Coin. You can get OTO coin at Escodex Exchange safely.

With this announcement we notify the OTOCASH-Omnilayer Protocol Token not active in all exchange and are not recognized.


After a long talk on weekend break with the all the OTOCASH Team Members, we decided that OTOCASH Token will bec onverted to OTOCASH Coin from Chain Protocol — Hashing Algorithm Scrypt-PoS Folked from Blackcoin. And we announce OTOCASH Coin as the Official Coin of OTOCASH Enterprise which is in force at the time and date of this announcement being made.

It is also announced that all development processes have been completed and all test processes have been completed. OTOCASH Market will be activated within 72 hours.

The OTOCASH Token swap process to OTOCASH Coin started several hours ago. With…



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