Interview with Salib Yoler

Salib is another childhood friend who I met when we both tried out for our high school soccer team freshman year. Salib successfully made the team as goalie where he would star for the Varsity team our Junior and Senior year.

Me: Do you know what concussions are and the signs/ symptoms that accompany them?

Salib: I know what they are and I think I know some of the signs and symptoms.

Me: When did you first start to learn about concussions and the effects it has on the brain?

Salib: I don’t really remember but it must have been during high school. That’s when I started to play more contact sports like lacrosse and football.

Salib taking in a Washington Redskins football game.

Me: Has is changed your perception on sports like football and hockey?

Salib: It hasn’t really changed my perception of them. At a professional level I think they get paid enough to take that risk. People should know the risk and work to prevent it, like through proper technique. I think people should also take thing seriously like know signs and take precautionary measures to get checked if they think they have any head trauma.

Me: With the knowledge you have now, looking back, did you ever suffer any concussions personally? How severe were they and did it affect you afterwards?

Salib: I think I may have received one during indoor soccer, I didn’t think it was that bad so I never got checked out. I also boxed a friend in a basement when I was like 10. I was young I don’t really remember how bad it might have been. I played rugby in college and learning proper technique is important.

Me: Knowing what you know, would you still have played those sports?

Salib: Yes I would have still played, but I would, I didn’t really like being an indoor soccer goalie, I feel like I couldn’t prevent/protect myself.

Me: What do you think of young kids playing tackle football? Should tackling be outlawed until a certain age?

Salib: My parents didn’t let me play tackle football until high school. I played flag. I think when you’re young maybe you don’t need to tackle. but outlawing it i don’t know. I mean we played neighborhood football, with no gear. You’re not going to be able to prevent that. If they wanted to play I think I would let them. I would also be sure to get them checked if something happened. recently I’ve seen immediate care that has a special concussion sections, Head First i think its called. My friend got diagnosed with a concussion there after some art fell on her at a burger place.

Me: Would you let your kids be involved in contact sports? Why or why not?

Salib: Again, if they really wanted to I would consider it. as long as I knew they were being taught correctly and being looked out for if something did happen.