Thank You Rocana, For a Great 2016

A few years ago, when we first started seeing the market need for Rocana, we couldn’t imagine the kind of impact this company would have. Taking a little breather this Thanksgiving, I find myself thinking about the incredible people who have made all of this success possible. In particular I want to thank the entire Rocana team, past and present, and the extended team of advisors, investors and all of our families for their support.

Rocana has been getting a lot of industry recognition lately, and that recognition is really an acknowledgment of how each individual shows up every day, ready to make the team and our customers successful. We believe deeply in Rocana’s mission to help our customers succeed in their digital transformation. Our role is to make sure they gain total operational visibility so they can better manage all of their IT infrastructure. Achieving this requires intense attention to details, from powerful and intuitive user interfaces with quality that exceeds customer expectations, to carefully thought out evaluation plans, deployment blueprints, and easy to understand messaging and marketing. Every person at Rocana is a key part of delivering the value we promise our customers.

I’m extending a public Thank You to the people at Rocana. You’ve created incredible software this past year, including a new time series search engine that delivers 300x price-performance improvement for our customers. You’ve implemented single instance deployments capable of capturing 100TB per day of network, cloud, system, and application data, all on just $1M of gear. You’ve helped massive organizations achieve operational visibility beyond their initial expectations, faster than they thought possible. These achievements are unheard of in this industry, and as a result you’ve managed to get the attention of the largest companies in the world.

The depth of thought that’s gone into our product, Rocana Ops, has resulted in capabilities we couldn’t dream of three years ago. Other folks have looked at this problem and thrown complex graphs and new languages at it, increasing the burden on users. You have managed to rethink the tools that IT needs while still making volumes of data immediately accessible and useable. I wake up every morning excited for where we will take our technology and how it will impact our customers. I am truly grateful having the privilege to lead this team.

From the crazy minds that first saw this need and convinced all you Rocanauts to join us on this adventure, thank you for everything you do. You make this company possible.