Mozilla’s Global Sprint 2017 Kisumu, Kenya

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Every new day leads me to a path of self-discovery, a path more clear than yesterday’s with a greater desire to change not only the person within, but also the surrounding external environment, with the community being at the core. Community is who I am. It’s what I do on a daily basis, revolving around open technology. Thanks to Mozilla, this is becoming truer than true. What began as a Mozilla Campus Club is now growing into a large regional community of open source contributors with its base in Western Kenya. Nothing could have presented a better platform to make this more evident than Mozilla’s Global Sprint that took place on June 1 and 2.

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Sprinters shortly after the hacker’s party

I had the privilege of hosting the event, the first of its kind in the region and you can probably guess the level of anxiety. This was a 2-day hacking party to develop for a healthy Internet. To do so, contributions were to be made to over 40 open source projects listed as GitHub issues and which can still be found here. In addition to being a host for the Sprint, I was (and still is) also an open project lead for the Git Push Freshman project which is an open curriculum that is an introductory course to distributed version control and collaborative software development using Git and GitHub.

The Sprint brought together web developers and mobile developers who worked closely to build the Baraza app, a mobile application for online conflict resolution. What stood out was the overwhelming presence of the Mozilla Maseno team; this is the campus club referred to in the starting paragraph of this story. They were among the most prolific contributors of the open source projects listed on GitHub. Traveling to and from campus for both days of the event was indeed exemplary of determination.

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Part of the Mozilla Maseno team after the Sprint

My appreciation goes to the Mozilla team; Abigail Cabunoc Mayes, Julia Vallera, Zannah Marsh, Stephanie Wright for your insights in organizing for the event. I’d also like to thank LakeHub for offering the space to host the event, Edoardo Viola and again Abigail for the mentorship and training in the Open Leadership Training Series, Peter Omondi Ochieng and the Mozilla Maseno team for the cooperative work in ensuring the event was a success.

Let’s keep on connecting and growing the open source community.

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