What kinds of commercial glass should you think about for your storefront

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4 min readDec 26, 2022


Most impulse buyers peep through the storefront window and purchase from the shop with the most outstanding display. That is why a storefront plays a vital role in every store/ shop, whether a bike, retail, or furniture shop.

Also, tailoring a perfect storefront with the ideal commercial glass requires an expert eye, merchandising skills, and excellent observation. So, if you want commercial glass replacement in Ottawa, you must learn about your options. And here, we will share a brief list of commercial glasses you can think of for your storefront.

  • Clear glass

Clear glass

Clear glasses are one of the popular choices among shop owners like retail shops. Clear glasses have no color, are transparent, and can be easily seen through. The price of clear glasses is lower than other tailored glasses. They are easy to clean, reflect a good amount of light and make it easy for passersby to look at the display without much struggle. Clear glasses are an easy way to showcase and impress your passers and attract impulsive buyers.

  • Annealed Glass

When you look for a commercial glass replacement in Ottawa for your storefront, you can also consider the Annealed glasses. It is also a commonly used glass for storefronts and comes at lower prices. Annealed glasses are light in weight, transparent, and easy to fit in different structures. They are easy to cut and shape, which makes them ideal for unconventional storefronts. Annealed glasses are versatile, and you can use them in any shop, whether retail, stationery, or a café. Annealed glasses with cooling treatment are stronger than standard glasses, making them the right fit for fish tanks.

  • Foster glasses

Currently, a lot of businesses are using foster glasses for their storefronts. The foster glasses look elegant and go well with vintage, natural, and classic ambiances. Foster glasses offer an aesthetically pleasing look and add brightness to your shop. They are also helpful in eliminating harsh sunlight and bring some privacy to the shop’s insides. The foster glasses help to pass natural light and are quite durable. So, if you want a commercial glass repair in Ottawa to strengthen your storefront’s privacy, you can consider upgrading it with foster glasses.

  • Tempered Glasses

Tempered glasses are the Annealed glasses that have undergone heat treatment or thermal tempering. Tempered glasses are stronger than regular Annealed glasses or clear glasses. And if you want to increase your store’s security on an affordable budget, then tempered glasses can be a great option for you.

Tempered glasses generally do not break into large and dangerous sherds; instead, they shatter into small pieces. It makes them easy to clean and replace. The tempered glasses are ideal for shops in vulnerable spots where break-ins are a common issue, or the weather is harsh. So, next time you need a commercial glass repair in Ottawa for your storefront, think of replacing your existing ones with tempered glasses.

  • Laminated glasses

Laminated glasses are also crafted from regular Annealed glasses. But unlike tempered glasses, it uses two sheets of Annealed glasses and puts a plastic film of EVA, TPU or PVB within them to bind them together. The double layers of Annealed glasses with a sandwich of PVC or TPU plastic film make them stronger than many other commercial glasses. Also, these thick glasses easily prevent harsh sunlight and are also good at soundproofing and shatter resistant. If you have a shop near a crowded street where you need to face too much sound or harsh light throughout the day, you can consider these glasses while looking for a commercial glass replacement in Ottawa, for your storefront.

  • Insulated glasses

Many confuse laminated and insulated glasses, but they are not the same. Insulated glasses trap gas or air like krypton and argon within two or more glass panels. The method of gas/air trapping within the glass helps to make them work as an insulator (that traps heat within).

The insulated glasses can keep the interior of your shop warm in winter and cool in summer. They are eco-friendly and durable. If you have a food, medicine, or cosmetic shop, then insulation glasses should be your ideal choice the next time you call for a commercial glass replacement in Ottawa.

  • Security glasses

Another commercial glass on the list that many businesses started recently choosing for their storefronts is security glasses. Security glasses are not the same as safety glasses that are only visually shatter-proof but cannot withstand direct force or hit. The Security glasses are considerably good at being shatter resistant and effectively reduce the troubles of bumps or hit-related breaks. And if you have a shop where you store expensive goods, you can choose the security glasses when you call the commercial glass replacement in Ottawa for your storefront upgrade.


The option of commercial glasses for your storefront is endless; you can also try tinted, toned, colored, or stained glasses according to your preference or need. Here we have listed some popular glasses you can try next time you look for a commercial glass replacement in Ottawa.