What should you do after a Car Crash when you’re At Fault?

There is a lot to worry about right after a crash but first, your concern should be the health and safety of those involved in the crash. Take care of the injuries first and ensure people get medical help where necessary. Traffic accidents could be complex, especially with multiple vehicles and the situation is stressful and expensive.

If you’reinvolved in a car accident in West Carleton-March, it’s important you call a lawyer who is compassionate, honest, affordable and experienced. If you’re at fault or someone is injured because of your actions, there are some important things you must keep in mind to manage the situation better and give your lawyer the best chance at winning the case on your behalf.

6 things to keep in mind when you’re legally responsible for a car accident

1. Call the Police: even in a state of panic, you should call the police no matter how inconsequential the damage looks. If you see visible damage to either car or passengers complain of injury, call the police!

2. Take Photographs and get the names of eyewitnesses: if you have a camera phone, take as many pictures from different angles of the crash, showing damages to all the vehicles involved including skid marks on the road if any. Get the names of passengers and driver in the other car, look around for bystanders who saw what happened and collect their contact details.

3. Be careful what you say: It’s always complicated figuring out who was at fault after a car accident because of how fast it happened and unless there are witnesses or CCTV cameras you have a good chance of walking away without incurring serious financial expenses when you censor your words. Do not admit guilt even when you’re at fault, cooperate with law enforcement but don’t answer questions about who was at fault until your lawyer arrives or your statement might be misconstrued.

4. The “No-Fault” system of insurance–Ontario has a “no-fault” process for auto accidents; this means that irrespective of who caused the accident, drivers must turn first to their car-insurance coverage to get paid for medical bills and losses accrued from the accident in spite of who was to blame. However, you might still face a personal injury lawsuit if the requirements for claims outside the no fault system are met.

5. Sufficient car insurance coverage–If you’re driving in Westboro with adequate auto insurance at the time of the accident that is enough to cover all losses, your insurance company defends claims on your behalf inclusive of personal injury lawsuit.

6. Call a lawyer: It’s important you choose the best car accident lawyer in Ottawa as soon as you can because an experienced attorney guides you through the process.

Don’t leave the scene of the accident, don’t discuss the accident with anyone or terms of settlement without your lawyer, leave the vehicle at the scene and make sure you store all evidence that could help your case.

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