Just take the photo.

I thought of something the other day as I was having some beers with a couple of friends. We were having a nice time — nothing major, just good conversation at one of our local favorite haunts. A slight buzz coming on. The kind of moment where you feel like saying “if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is”.

Would it have been weird to ask someone to take a photo of us?

I mean, we weren’t tourists. We aren’t the selfie kind of guys, either (well, I guess everyone is a little bit these days). But we had a nice time and I thought that it might be nice many years from now on to discover a photo from that particular moment. Maybe years after that show your kid where his or her old man hung out with his friends.

When I look through my photos from the last couple of years on Google Photos I see a weird mix of various screenshots, pictures I have taken in order to remember something later and, sure, some photos of my friends and family. But it feels like it’s becoming increasingly rare that I shoot photos in the old school sense where I want to preserve a memory for later to put in an album. It seems like people don’t really create albums on Facebook anymore, too — they might upload a picture or two from when they’re out and about, but the vacation albums not so much.

Who knows, maybe I’m just annoyed that it’s been a while since someone’s posted a picture of me worthy of becoming a profile photo.

I tried the last couple of times at family gatherings to take more photos with my iPhone. For some reason there’s a different feeling to it compared to when I had a separate compact camera. I think it’s because with your phone, the pictures just stay there. With the compact camera, you had to transfer the photos to your computer, creating this little ritual where you actually, you know, had to look at them again and decide whether they were worth saving.

Now, when I look at those pictures on Google Photo, it feels really good. I actually have a collection of pictures from a nice Sunday dinner during the summer instead of just a snapshot or two.

I think I’m going to try to keep this up whenever there’s a suitable event. Hell, even if there isn’t. Because who knew? It’s actually pretty sweet to look back on those good times.