#What is Otter Finance?

Otter Finance is a mammal token meme created on the Solana Blockchain
The first $OTR launched on 01/11/2021 on the Dexlab platform as the first DEX

· Tokenomic Supply

Otter Finance has a maximum number of tokens of 18b (

with the Tokenomic details described in the case below

· Dev/Team Locked 6 Months

The number of OTR Tokens owned by DEV/TEAM will be locked for half a year

as long as the token will not decrease or increase in the slightest

· Airdrop

We plan to provide an Airdrop of 20% of the total supply, which is 3,600,000,000 OTR

and we have 800 Slots for Scouter and 200 Slots for Oggter.

· Community Rewards

OTR has a long term and events in every day or month

Of course we will present many events or challenges to the community


We allocate about 25% of the total supply for the Burn event, so we can stabilize the price

· Liquidity

We will allocate a portion of Token sales in the Market to increase the available Liquidity on the market or raydium.

This is so that the OTR price is in balance and can always be traded forever


Total Supply : $OTR

➤ Dev/Team Lock 6 Months 15%

➤ Airdrop Partner 5%

➤ Community Airdrop 20%

➤ Liquidity 20%

➤ Community Rewards 15%

➤ Burn Events.etc 25%


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