Let’s wait corruption acts to consolidate.

What is this? Who said that?

Guess who: Presidente Lulia (aka Temer) in Japan, after being questioned about why insist in keeping 3 ministers who are accused (with clear proofs) of corruption.

One of them, the Minister of Sports, sold cows overpriced to get ‘cold money’ for his deputy campaign.

It is sad to see Temer Lulia traveling around the world asking to invest in Brazil while keeping smugglers and gangsters as assistants.

In a globalized world with alternative sources of information, it is impossible to hide what happens inside a country.

But for Temer Lulia, as he has support from local mass media who prefers to focus just on PT corruption, let’s pretend everything is fine, grab some money and close deals to help Brazil commodity business.

Forget about technology, services, IoT, this is the globalized world Temer and his old PMDB (as his former allies, now enemies PT) refuse to understand.

Brazil will continue to grow based on commodities, mainly oil, cattle…And corruption, if not so monstrous as that one from PT … it is OK!

Summer is coming…just 4 months to Carnival…