Last week, I set up a Google Co-lab notebook running on R (my preferred language for data exploration and early stages EDA). I wanted to access some buckets from a Google Cloud Platform(GCP) project that was being hosted on my company’s GCP platform. …

Thoughts from Chapter 1 of Artful Design by Ge Wang . Usman Khaliq. CS476A, Stanford University, Fall 2019

While reading through the first chapter of Ge’s incredible comic-book style design manifesto, I was particularly intrigued by Principle 1.15:

Design Not Only From Needs — But From The Values Behind Them

Before coming to Stanford, I worked in the tech for development sector in West Africa, a weird but…

I built a visualization app in D3.js that aims to explore the link between democracy and quality of life, especially in the developing world.

The visualization can be accessed at the following link

Screenshot of the Visualization

An interactive music player design that explores a more tactile relationship with music in today’s digital world.

This post was initially published on my online portfolio .


For the Smart Products course in my Masters program at Stanford, my teammate and I were tasked with rethinking and prototyping the future…


For the Design Experiments course in my Masters program at Stanford, my teammate and I were tasked with designing and conducting an experiment with human subjects. Building up on our shared interests in digital privacy, we decided to explore the following research question

How does awareness of one’s online footprint…

Earlier this month, I got selected for the IDEO CO-Lab makeathon in San Francisco and got the cool opportunity to dabble in emerging tech(blockchain, AI, VR amongst others) while prototyping a solution in their Collaborative Cities portfolio. My team and I received the following prompt:

How might we build a…

A case of bad flu can often send one to a trip down the rabbit hole of “thoughts-that-have-been-regularly-pushed-back-at-the-top-of-my-overfilled-mind.” I didn’t get much work done this weekend, and while mindlessly scrolling through my phone/laptop/tv in the midst of Monday Blues, I kept thinking about young people who have departed from this…

Background to the Water and Sanitation Situation in Sierra Leone

When the civil war raged in Sierra Leone between 1991 and 2002, it disrupted and upturned most of the systems in the small West African country. Amongst the worst affected was the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) infrastructure in both urban and rural areas. About 15 years later, the country…

Source: OCVA

It gives me immense excitement to announce that we finally have the first cohort of the Sierra Leone Open Government Fellows on-board! After months of a strenuous application process, under which we interviewed some of Salone’s most outstanding change makers in the civic tech space, (followed by a few more…

iDT Labs’ R&D Lead Usman Khaliq talks about the science and emotion behind iDT Labs’ SMS Firebolt, a gateway with well documented APIs in a number of popular programming languages, to democratize information sharing and improve customer service for the poor.

Mobile network coverage still outstrips mobile internet coverage in large rural areas of the region. This, coupled with the low cost of sending SMS, makes it a very attractive medium for building up tech based solutions that aim to solve specific issues in the socio-economic space. [Reference image by Ben Lyon]

2G Still the Dominant Technology in West Africa


Usman Khaliq

data science. healthcare.

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