How people find lawyers?

Are you curious about how people find lawyers?

If yes, keep on reading. Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law survied over 1500 people in 2015 who at the time just recently hired a lawyer. They took into consideration survey participants’ gender, age, location, urban density, income, and parental status. The team at Pockitlaw is more than happy to share the survey results.

And a Winner is: Through Friends

We turn to our friends for a lot of reasons and yes, including legal problems. According to the survey there were only two exceptions to this trend:

  1. Survey participants ages 18 to 24 years-old were more likely to search the internet to find a lawyer. In fact, 17.8% of survey participants in this age category said they had retained a lawyer via the web compared to only 12.1% who mentioned they had chosen a lawyer based on a friend’s recommendation.
  2. Survey participants earning more than $150,000 per year were more likely to choose an attorney based on an internet search, than via a friend.
Top 5 methods of hiring a lawyer

Let’s dig deeper

Now we know how it’s done. Therefore, let’s quickly analyse these methods and try to understand if these methods actually create value to both sides — clients and lawyers.


As we take our friend’s recommendation seriously how can we be confident that we will find the expert who is exactly the one who is capable of solving my concrete issue in a best way? Well, we can’t. And that’s a problem. Often it’s an emotional recommendation compared to objective one.

Just to be clear — we are confident our friends will give their best advice yet as they are not experts on the topic it’s rather odd we take their suggestions and turn them into action that easily.

Internet Search and Google

Internet search is obviously a great way to find just about anything. Just define your keywords like “tax attourney”, “family law”, “employment contract” and you’ll find thousands of leads to solve your case.

Unfortunately, there’s so much noise and traffic regarding everything. That being said, you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed and stressed because now you are in a position where you take the responsibility of finding the best lawyer. Do you really want to take that risk?


Referrals have the best quality in terms of finding the right legal partner in the mentioned top5 list. The problem with referrals is it’s uncontrallable —most commonly when a legal issue rises it will automatically be an urgent matter which demands your time and energy right now. Therefore, finding a desired referral at that specific time can be a hassle.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is absolutely fantastic! Everything that spreads over social networks, streets, workplaces etc. can be of help and create value. Yet, when looking for a lawyer it’s difficult to decide if the shared information could lead me to a point where I can solve my case. Either way, as humans we are emotional creatures not rational robots — that is why we can be influenced through so many channels and social groups.

What’s Pockitlaw got to do with it?

Easy. We are basically everyone’s personal secretary who works for you! We take away the noise and distractions & offer clarity, focus and time. The only thing you need to tell us is where you are and where do you want to go. Pockitlaw lawyers will give you a hand and walk you through the whole way.

You can even compare us with a friendly neighborhood Uber driver who picks you up at the starting point and takes you to the designated destination.

Finally, we give you one recommendation as well — stop being a legal expert if you aren’t one. Let the Pockitlaw professionals work for you because we are experts at finding you the best partner. We are here to solve your tasks not overwhelm you with searching, hustling and money-wasting.

Be proactive, be smart and be in control. Just like baby boss.

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Let’s Pockitlaw everyone’s time back!

Ottomar, Pockitlaw CEO