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“ If a person has no other extramarital alternatives, perhaps they will change themselves, get into counseling, or get a divorce. All of these things are so much better for everyone and so much more honest and healthy.”

Occidentals tend to focus on the happiness of the individuals.

In occidental couples, individuals will often consider divorce as a way to accomplish a better destiny for themselves. It occurs quite often (and fails quite often), even if the couple became a family, and children destinies are involved as well.

What you said, as quoted above, seems right & fair as long as only adults are involved. In this configuration it may be so much better for everyone and so much more healthy.

I dont think it applies when children are involved.

In Japan, the focus is not on individuals. The focus is on the happiness of the family. People might stop being in love with their husband or wife, maybe they dont have sex anymore, and they might suffer from not being loved, touched or hugged anymore. But they are being responsible parents. Doing their best to keep the family together and raise their children.

I belive this is more healthy for “everyone”.

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