Why Didn’t Sansa Hate LittleFinger?

To be clear in advance, this is from the POV of the show, not the books, so if you are a big fan of fiction, just give me a break.

Is he though?

I assume that it is because part of the brilliance of Petyr Baelish as a so-called villain is that he’s not forcing people to do bad things. Quite the contrary: He’s actually getting them to do something they already want to do. He’s pulling the strings on timing as much as he can really do that sort of thing, but he’s really making a series of predictions based on how he expects others will react to a situation. The Lannisters are really to blame for pulling the trigger: Joffrey had Ned executed, Tywin allied with Frey and Roose Bolton to take out Robb and Catelyn. Those are the only Starks who have actually died. Bran, Rickon, Arya, Sansa, and Jon are all alive…well, Jon’s fate is currently in question, but there’s no argument to be made that Petyr had anything to do with it…so saying “all her family are dead” is an overstatement and misrepresentation of reality.

LittleFinger may have goaded Lysa into killing her husband and pointing the finger at the Lannisters in a letter to Catelyn; that was only to get her to convince Ned to take the position as Hand to the King. He couldn’t have predicted Bran would happen upon Jaime and Cersei, nor that they would try to kill him for it twice. He capitalized on the fact that they didn’t know who owned the sword used by the assassin to increase her suspicion of the Lannisters.

However, he didn’t force them to make any decisions. He didn’t get them to do something they weren’t already willing to do, and they jumped to their own eager conclusions. The only person he actually directly killed was Lysa, and that was to protect Sansa from her…and because she became a liability since she kept bringing up how she’d killed for him and lied for him and whatnot. I’m not sure he’s a villain any more than Varys is, and he pales in comparison to the Lannisters or Ramsay Bolton.

Even when it came to the fact of betraying Ned: He actually tried to talk Ned out of going about it the way he did and tried to convince Ned to try to act as reagent instead. Was this selfish? Yeah…but if Ned had listened and if he had not made the horribly stupid choice of giving Cersei fair warning he was going to slander her the next day, Ned would be alive. I really think it’s his own fool and insistence on taking the moral high road rather than a road of self-preservation that got him killed. Could LittleFinger have defended him against the King’s Guard? He could, I suppose, but why would he have died for Ned’s stupidity? Varys acted as he was on Ned’s side too, and either didn’t Varys do anything to help Ned. Ned made his choice to look into it, to tell many other people about his plan to accuse the king (Joffrey) of being a bastard (including Cersei herself), and then he is the one who made a public accusation with no proof and no support. He sealed his own fate, and I feel strongly that Robb and Catelyn sealed their own fates as well. They made rash, selfish, and stupid decisions and it got them killed.

But what I digress is this:

Even assuming we’re going to consider LittleFinger directly responsible for the deaths of Robb, Catelyn, and Ned, your own question is the answer: WE know these things, but SHE sure doesn’t. What she knows is that her father became Hand after Jon Arryn’s mysterious and untimely death. She knew her father had looked into Joffrey’s parentage and that he publicly accused Joffrey of being a bastard along with his siblings, which was treason, and that’s what got her father executed. She knows that Robb and Catelyn were killed by the Freys, Roose Bolton, and the Lannisters. To be clear, she isn’t technically wrong. LittleFinger may have played a role in these events to some extent, but nobody else is aware of the full extent of the role he played, including Sansa.

I think she is getting wiser to the hand he played in many events, though. When Lysa is monologuing before LittleFinger pushes her to her death, she says pretty loudly that she killed for him and lied for him. Lysa also says that Sansa’s mother and father are dead because they stood between Petyr and Lysa getting together, and she makes a comment to the effect of “That’s what happens to people who get in my way.”

I’m not sure Sansa would put together that Lysa’s comments are connected, but she’s also a raving lunatic and it’s hard to know how much of what she says to take seriously. Especially considering she really isn’t the one that killed any of the Starks at all.

Even if Sansa does put it all together, it’ll be interesting to see what she does with it, if anything. She’s at a pretty big disadvantage survival-wise. She needs other people to survive, and even knowing what he did, her desire to live might be stronger than her desire to seek revenge against him. There are many people I’d think she would put higher on her list, like the Lannisters and the Boltons.

To sum things up, as far as Sansa knows until now, Littlefinger has never done anything bad to her, and she needs him to stay away from the Lannisters in order to be safe. Sure, she realizes by now Littlefinger has sexual attraction for her, but I would bet she will use it in her favor, instead of simply rejecting his advances. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the story ended with Sansa defeating Littlefinger at his own game.

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