OTTVIDEO.ME is a centrally managed, network appliance based, broadcast CDN leveraging a proprietary SR-ARQ protocol over UDP. The network appliance embedded routing protocol provides back channel error correction and packet loss recovery, feed delivery synchronization and real time transport stream analysis technologies to guarantee studio quality broadcast video delivery over unmanaged IP transit links. Globally.

OTTVIDEO.ME proprietary protocol works by providing a quality of service (QoS) layer on top of the Internet or other unmanaged IP networks for SDI acquired Broadcast Signals.This realtime Broadcast Video transport layer, given sufficient bandwidth with minimal overhead, guarantees delivery of video no matter the distance or latency between two or multiple endpoints.

OTTVIDEO.ME CDN uses unmanaged IP networks for reliable content delivery from/to any TV headend of live IP Transport Streams, SDI or ASI digital video signals, where the proprietary two way lossless broadcast link reconstruction mechanism eliminates the difficulties in transporting studio quality content over long haul public IP.

The Broadcast Feeds are always delivered without any packet loss, frame-freeze, video stuttering and in perfect A/V sync. OTTVIDEO.ME Central CDN Platform monitors in real time all OTT Lossless links, with 24/7 graphing and live signal delivery certification.

OTTVIDEO.ME point to multipoint feeds can be synchronized to arrive to multiple destination with the same exact timing.

OTTVIDEO.ME is far more flexible, efficient and cost effective than traditional methods like MPLS, fiber dedicated circuits or satellite contribution links, and it enables to deliver IP, SDI, ASI professional feeds from any global location to any destination even in lossy, potentially congested IP networks.

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