4 signs that you’re doing just fine with your life, so far.

No, this is not a positive writing made only to cheer you up. This is the truth, solely the truth.

You might think that you can do better -of course you can- but you might as well want to sit down, and realise that what you’ve lived so far is nothing to be ashamed of.

It doesn’t matter where you’re standing now. The path of your life is, well, a path, but it’s not linear. One step won’t necessarily define all the others, that’s why one mistake shouldn’t blur your sight. A missed note in a melody, a small dripping on your canvas. I mean, who cares ? Certainly not you, as long as you are willing to put the effort to be stepping forward.

Stepping forward. That’s all that matters. That’s the first point, so I might as well write it in bold letters.


You are stepping forward.

You don’t have to run, even a tiptoe counts, as long as it is in the right direction.

If you do a small retrospect, you’ll realise that you’ve been basically putting a step in front of another. Even what you consider as a failure wasn’t actually a full one. Improving after tumbling down is in fact a substantial success.

If you think that your career has lost some of its pace, remember that in the meantime you’ve grown as a person. You’re more resistant to whatever ambushes come at you, and therefore you won’t be brought down so easily. So that’s our second point.

You’re growing as a person.

What’s good with being a human being, is that the deepest wounds, when healing (no matter how much time it takes) end up being the most significant strengths, slash, shields. Sure, you can let that sorrow get to you, you can feel anger, sadness, but keep in mind that no race starts from the finish-line, and sometimes the start can seem really -really- far.

You hear about these athletes who, despite the injury, try to reach the finish-line no matter what ? Well that’s exactly your case. But you have an advantage, there’s no judge who would jot down you being first or last. Reaching that line makes you automatically a winner.

Pressure yourself, push your limits, to be efficient, to avoid wasting unnecessary time, but don’t forget that in the end what matters is your efficacity.

‘’It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve spent, what remains is that you’ve put enough dedication to achieve your goal’’ ~A Random quote from a random guy you’ve probably heard or read somewhere.

You’re too hard on yourself.

That’s how we work. In our genes, in our neurones, we are ‘programmed’ to denigrate our deeds and works, to (over)think that we’re not good enough. Yeah, you can judge yourself, but based on what standards ?

Never compare yourself to Any. Body. Else.

Put that sentence in a frame, make a song out of it, make it a tattoo. Anything, just… don’t forget it.

Focusing on your own self is the best thing you can possibly do. Have a look at the conccurence from time to time, but never make statements such as ‘’I’m better than…’’ ‘’I have no chance against…’’. You’ll either end up discouraged, or cocky.

Your success depends on you, and you only. If we get a realistic view, there will always be someone ‘’better’’ than us. Whether you’re a writer, or you play an instrument, or you play basketball, there will always be that one guy who rocks it all ! It’s alright ! Let that be the rope that pull you forward, not the one that drags you down.

People’s statements get under your skin. And that’s what alters you.

Let people talk, really. Take what’s good, what will help you move forward, and drop the rest.

I’m not going to be a hypocrit. I, myself, often get discouraged by what people may say, but I don’t let that discourage spread, I try to turn it into a strength.

That’s human nature, we love to prove people wrong. We LOVE to be able to say ‘’See, you never thought I would do it, but I did !’’ or ‘’I was right all along, my friend’’.

So let that fuel you, be that sponge that would absorb all the negative and make great things out of it.

I’ve stated four, so far. But there’s plenty more that you and I can add. This writing is, for sure, going to be edited plenty of times.

Thanks for reading !

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