Cheers to all the bittersweet in your life.

Whether you’re grabbing a pint of beer, a freshly poured cup of tea, or your morning coffee, let’s have a drink for all these things in your life that have tasted like sugar, but at the mean time were as stinging as thorns.

As years go by, our minds get filled with plenty of events, of memories, of people… To cheer ourselves up, our brains are ‘programmed’ to rewind the most beautiful memories.

When you seek positivity, your neurons may recall your last birthday party, that Saturday you spent with the one you love, you reaching that university you’ve been dreaming of…

It’s not that we live in the past, but it’s often relieving to dip ourselves in warm waters, as warm as the emotions we felt in that very moment. It is like a fuel, turning on our candles again, and washing away our numbness.

Remembering a fulfilling hug, an overwhelming kiss, or simply a great night with the Lads can draw a smile on your face, and help you remember why you’re always willing to put a step in front of another and go on with your life.

This is the beautiful, shiny part.

Because your minds doesn’t have only healing capacities.

A brain can be as sharp as a dagger. If it doesn’t stab, be sure that it will definitely cut deep wounds, and crack open scars of the past.

When you’re tumbling down, that organ of yours may push you further, rather than pull you up. But it’s understandable, we are not always willing to feel better in a precise moment, so our minds just do the job and make it a little bit darker.

You may see again an old mourning, a painful break-up, a stinging failure… And be sure that your traits will seem sadder than before.

You’ll tell me that this is life, it has its ups and downs, times when your smile is as bright as the sun, and times when your tears pearl in the corners of your eyes.

Happiness is the balance between both, because one cannot fully enjoy being on top if he hadn’t crawled down there… And in the mean time, it’s in times of dark days that you realise how happy you were.

But, ultimately, what is happiness…?

My point is, those peaks, of happiness of sadness, they eventually fade. Our memories do their job, wounds of the past heal while old gold slowly fades and is replaced by fresh one. “But what remains ?” You’d ask…

We are deeply marked by what’s bittersweet in our lives. The great efforts you made, and the great atmosphere that went with that, even though you failed in the end. The beautiful moments you’ve shared with someone you stopped talking to. Moving to another city, where you’ve found ease and happiness, but where you’re also haunted by what you’ve left behind…

This is what remains, this is what echoes the most in that little head of yours. You are frankly smiling, but in the mean time you feel a little pinch in your heart. You don’t know whether you should be sad for what you missed, or happy for what you had, so you’re left in between, mixing both, and trying to figure out how you should react. It gets quite messy, and it’s that mess that leaves its imprint in your memory.

You’ll forever be marked by the bittersweet in your life. But it’s definitely not a bad thing, sugar-coated thorns help you grow, painful to remind you how it feels to be hurt, but also sweet enough to make you realise how beautiful your life is. And, in the process, you feel alive. Your heart beats a little faster, your lips let your teeth show, you smile and feel how genuine that smile is. Your eyes glow, from a feeling you wouldn’t be able to describe, but you surely realise how soothing it is.