See no evil. (1/3)

Farsighted, nearsighted. You guys are lucky.

Would you try no sight at all ? 
I've started the trial since I was six, and it will probably last a lifetime.

I have few memories of what the world looks like. I know that red is like blood, that skies are blue or grey. I know that fog weakens your sight, that light changes contrasts...

Now, you may think that I only see darkness. You're very wrong.

Do you recall those times when you daydream ? It's exactly like that. My imagination does the job, since my eyes can't see anymore.

Yes, my imagination is quite a gift. A simple day can look like a magical glimpse to me. I can imagine myself walking through streets full of colors, houses full of life and joy, even if everything is drowning in normality.

Also, when you guys rely on what you see to guide yourself, to react, I rely on my feelings.

I feel the concrete. I feel the weather. I feel people around me.

Through my steps, I can locate where I am, where I'm headed to.

By the smell of asphalt, of dirt, I can feel the rain coming. The sunrays and the breezes help me guess how beautiful the day is.

I can feel your shifts of mood. I know when you're lying, when you're trying to be kind to me.

I trust my instincts more than I trust my senses, and I think I'm doing pretty fine.

My condition isn't a liability. On the contrary, it's an eye-opener, no pun intended.

I'm blind, but in some ways, you're as blind as me. 
See, you rely on your eyes, on your sole perception. And, God, how deceiving it is.

It's as if you made yourself barriers, made of glass. You could easily break through them and wander in a brand new world, yet, somehow, you chose to border yourself.

What is sight, if it doesn't help you seek new horizons ?

Aren't you amazed when John Green, Dan Brown or Markus Zusak describe things in a different way you never thought of ? 
Then, why do you believe that your focal point is the only one there is ?

Me ? I have no focal point. So, I’m Green, I’m Brown, I’m Zusak, and I’m You too. I 'see' the world through their words. Words feed my imagination, materialize images under my eyelids. Doesn’t this make me live life at full sight ?

No, I'm not in a higher level than you. But I'm not in a lower either. God rid me of a gift, only to give me another. That's exactly why you need to feel Love, not through what's given, but through what's taken.

I feel loved. By you, taking care of me. By God, making me feel what's special in this down-to-earth days. By Nature, that shows me its beauty, through her unseen paintings, her written landscapes.

I praise who invented braille, audiobooks, and basically everything that opens me the gates of the sighted world because, in my first months of blindness, I felt as if I was cornered in some lonesome room I would never get out of.

It was scary how sounds became my only guide and directions, when our world is mostly visual. 
'Mostly visual' is a lie. I had no choice but to discover that. This world is basically how you choose to perceive it.

At full sight, your mind tends to get lazy, focusing on the images that come directly to him, rather than process more complex informations.

With your opened eyes, a cigal is a cigal, a whisper is a whisper. But, when you close them, it takes you more time to discern what the sounds refer to.
In my case, my brains had to become unlazy. So for me too, a cigal is a cigal, a whisper is a whisper.

Now, I shall continue to feel the world through my other senses. Trust me, I feel beauty as much as you see it.

And, God, how Beautiful this world is.

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