Speak no Evil (2/3)

If you ever look at my lips, my mouth, you may catch a smile, a giggle, even a mimic, but never a word.

For I was born without a voice.

While my inner voice is louder than ever, I've never been able to turn it into speech.

I always have a notepad in my pocket. So, when people fail to understand my signs, I just give them notes.

But these notes, they're the best representation of what I am.

These notes may contain drawings, poetry, quotes, but never a full sentence.

This is the game I play, and you play with me too, but there’s no sound on your device.

Sound is the one thing I'm lacking.
Sound is the one thing you're lacking.

But lack is never an issue, you see.

I’ve heard many people speak, and, trust me, they made me feel blessed that I’m a silent being.

People throw words here and there, unaware of their impact, unaware of how they might turn out.

Words are worse than daggers. While flesh’s cuts heal, the scars of speech are a much harder deal. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to stitch up some wounds.
For this, I’m happy that I’ll never hurt the ones I love with a misplaced sentence.

But the hardest thing is arguing. I am a person who loves to be right, so losing an argument is not an option. Even if it means having to write a thousand notes.

I've been told many times that my eyes glow everytime I start writing something in that notebook of mine.
I have one thing to say :

It means Bullshit !

Bullshit, my eyes are always glowing !
See even without a voice I can make you smile.

And I laugh too, a lot. When I laugh, a sound, a giggle comes from my mouth, and I think that is beautiful, to your ears and mine.

I'm a natural listener, but I guess it is not due to my condition only. I love hearing other people's voices, not that I am envious, but it is so expressive, as I pay attention to every shift in the voice, every shiver, every silence... 
People are an open book to me, in a way that they can't return. It gives me a mysterious facet.

Until they read my signs or notes, and realize I’m just as silly as them.

They can't shout a ''Shut up'' to me, since I'm not even talking.

That's another advantage, among many...