There was relief for Chitungwiza residents in Zengeza, who have gone for several months without potable water after Nakiso Borehole Drilling donated a borehole to Glory Ministries church that will also be accessed by the surrounding community.

The company’s chief executive officer Lincoln Masiyenyama pledged to invest back into the community by drilling boreholes for churches, who in turn will impact the community.

“While driving at 2am, I witnessed women and children fetching water for domestic use. …

In November, desperation for water starts to peak. Chivero and other sources are at their lowest ebb, the rains haven’t set in, and taps and wells and boreholes choke on dust.

Everyone is searching the skies for rain clouds, and many residents also begin to search underground as well.

At around $50 per metre to drill a borehole before factoring in the cost of a pump, tank, piping and electrical, groundwater is a commodity available at luxury prices that very few…

Harare — Nakiso Borehole Drilling has just completed their first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project at Glory Ministries in Chitungwiza.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a voluntary way of giving back to the community. Under the CSR initiative, the water solutions entity has offered siting, drilling and casing and water reticulation services.

The charitable borehole project will alleviate persistent water shortages experienced in the community and nation at large, collaborates with…

In most African societies, women are regarded as collectors, managers and guardians of water gathering, thereby missing other life opportunities. On average, they spend 60 percent of each day collecting water.

Letwin Musonza wakes up with the sun every day. Inside her half-lit dwelling, she methodically gathers her water containers, disappearing into the darkness, towards the community borehole.

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Nakiso Borehole Drilling Rescue Women!

Along the way, she joins other women alongside young children destined for the same communal watering point. Walking…

As Nakiso Borehole Drilling we take pride in our community and involve ourselves in contributing to the needs of the less privileged.

We are committed to giving annually to the community through churches, by drilling boreholes for churches, which they intern use to impact the community. Our pledge and commitment is to ensure that we continue to invest back into the communities in which we serve and operate.

Nakiso Borehole Drilling Gives Back To The Community!
Nakiso Borehole Drilling Gives Back To The Community!

What is Corporate Social…

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